"There was enormous power in watching her doing what I wanted to do—a little girl whom I knew had been at the center not only of these films but also of the culture. There was something about the movies being old that mattered, too. There was a feeling of discovery, a feeling that Shirley was mine."  - Susan Burton remembers watching Shirley Temple as a child: http://nyr.kr/McoIun (via newyorker)

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I do not know if I have a soul,
it is hard to believe something
you’ve never seen - if it is well strapped
to my spine or it sags like loose skin.

You said it is beautiful, your words,
not mine, as if you had held it close,
a rose by your fingertips to inspect.
You peel petals open on your lips.

I am doubtful - or unwise and the mind
is a revved up machine at midnight.
If I have a soul, what color is it in, black,
blue or green. Do I chip it when I sin.

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